First Cup of Coffee

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“Tossed not Sunk”

Never allow yourself to get too attached. Because when they leave, you will have nothing left. You’re going to end up waiting for them to come back when they don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. Whenever your phone goes off, your heart will instantly drop because it’s not the person you want to talk to the most. Your days will feel a little off since they are no longer a part of your daily routine. You will toss and turn all night just thinking about how much you miss them, then when you wake up they will still be on your mind. And the pattern will constantly repeat itself over and over again. Life will suck in slow motion until you finally decide to move the fuck on.

Han Silva  

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“Catalogues of Bent and Broken”

You meet someone It’s all good & seems real and different
you have a deep conversations with them &
learn about their life and their past
you talk every hour of the day and crave to see them
it gets to a point where you plan
out a future with them


Things start to change
you start to talk less and less
they start to become distant
you start to chase them when they
show you they don’t care and you’re stuck
wondering where things went wrong
and the reasoning for chasing them is
because you want the person they first were
when you guys started catching feelings

 Things like this is why nobody can fucking
trust anyone & why things are so hard in this generation
to actually love someone & be in
a faithful relationship

This is why people rather stay single & be
alone and not stress & be hurt about
someone because they know how it’s going
to turn out from the past experience.
Some people are different though, some will take
on being someone who hurts them
knowing damn well their not good for them
because for these type of people they rather
feel this than have the feeling of loneliness

But mostly for others they grow tired of
always chasing someone who doesn’t give a
fuck about them & they become heartless &
distance with everyone

When things end on bad terms because of someone going from
“baby I’ll never leave you I love you so much”

to them all of sudden switching up entirely
and acting like they never told you anything and dropping
all the promises they made you

THAT PERSON – will act like the victim
they will start to play the role of it
being YOUR fault just to get rid of guilt of
them hurting you because their
stubborn and blind to what you do/did for them &
don’t want to admit they took you for granted.

The actions from the person whot fucked the
you over is really important. If they truly act
like you never existed & start to want and get
attention from others you just have to let
them go no matter how hard it is,
they never deserved you.

-Han Silva
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“Story Ever Told”

Once there was a lover
from a town in the east.

With the face of a prince
but the heart of a beast.

His form would attract
all those foolish village girls.

His hair and eyes were golden,
his skin ,white as pearls.

At first he will tempt you
with sweet words and treasure.

Promise you the earth and
all its endless pleasures.

Believe not any of his
words for they are lies.

Fall not for his tears,
he means it not when he cries.

Dare not be foolish,
for many he has decieved.

Beneath that shiny visage
is an ugly fiend.

With a jaw full of fangs to
rend you flesh from bone.

He takes off his mask,
the moment you are alone.

Be smart, be wise,
never look into his eyes.

Be a fool and you will be
the next who dies.

– Han Silva


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“One Thing to Remember”

Have you ever been like me? Remembering those old Sunday’s on how we met.
The way our hands stood still to captured our moments, a camera flash of something true. We talked until the Sun came out, our hearts was on a dial. And yet the world spins to quickly.

I was reminiscing, there was a look in your eyes I had never seen before. And it took me a few moments to recognize it for what it was. You looked up at the sky, so innocent, so warm, and your face touches the blaze trail of light. You whispered, take anything away from me, take everything you want to; but please, please just let me keep this one thing.

– Han Silva

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“The Only One”

I don’t want you to love me because I’m good for you, because I am brave and make all the right things. Because I am everything you have been searching for. Because I am patient and kind.

I want to be the one that you didn’t see beneath the surface. The one that will make you feel vulnerable. Who makes you wondering. Who answers everything you’ve question about love. Who makes you feel shaky and out of hand. The one person you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to.

I don’t want to be the just a story, I want to be the one who you pour your heart out to and tell me things that you haven’t told anyone. And I want to be the one you never thought you’d find or deserved.

The one that will be your forever person.

– Han Silva

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“Let’s Talk Again”

Let’s talk again. On how the moon shine so quickly, the way we used to when the sun was coming up, and we were far away from anywhere.

Let’s talk again. About all the things we would think about, words never been shared to anyone else, bundle of thoughts than kept secret for too long.

Le’ts talk again. Like the way we did last summer before we wanted to do anything more than that. I want us to talk again.

And if we never talk again, I want you to know that I miss that most of all, and every time the sun goes down, I think of all the things I wish I could tell you.

Han Silva,