Another year past, another year is approaching lets bring back for a short while my achievements in my past age. I got a good friend More good friends 🙂 Got in love with this mysterious girl 🙂 Had a great and amazing day in school 🙂 and lots of good memories. As my Birthday is coming to end I would like to thank all the people who spare some little time greeting me this morning till afternoon by just meeting me in the hallway. With my friend in facebook that keep posting until  now. My friends , I had a great time with you all hope what we’ve started will never change thank you for being there always up to this point with my new age. For all the people who keep asking me if what age I’am now IM ALREADY 17 YEARS OLD :DD and My birthday wish is to have a Girlfriend. :)) haha Its been so long since my heart stops beating for that one of a kind feeling. Hope this year I can find and proudly say that “I GOT MY DELILAH”  haha.

Thank you for Wency making this simple Video reminding me she really did not forget my Birthday 🙂
Thank you Best Love You  haha .


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To Day Is My Birthday !!

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: : Just For Fun : :

Me with my friend Paw.

Pop : How about making our own Music Video haha

Paw : hmm sounds good but ok then Lets Try haha.


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Remembering the Old Days this song is like My Life when I was in HighSchool.

“Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love.”

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Mini MV

Follow me. la la la ~


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