“Story Ever Told”


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“Story Ever Told”

Once there was a lover
from a town in the east.

With the face of a prince
but the heart of a beast.

His form would attract
all those foolish village girls.

His hair and eyes were golden,
his skin ,white as pearls.

At first he will tempt you
with sweet words and treasure.

Promise you the earth and
all its endless pleasures.

Believe not any of his
words for they are lies.

Fall not for his tears,
he means it not when he cries.

Dare not be foolish,
for many he has decieved.

Beneath that shiny visage
is an ugly fiend.

With a jaw full of fangs to
rend you flesh from bone.

He takes off his mask,
the moment you are alone.

Be smart, be wise,
never look into his eyes.

Be a fool and you will be
the next who dies.

Han Silva , First Cup of Coffee 

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