For Kim, my chocolate

I see you sitting there, waiting for time.
And I’m standing here, silent like a mime.

If I could find the words to say,
or just a heart to greet you, “happy birthday”
Then I may have a chance to be with you.
And fill your ears with words so true.

I compare you to a lovely kiss.
Not just any kind of lovely kiss.
A very specific kind of kiss.
A Hershey’s Kiss.

I see you wrapped up in silver from afar
Starring at you, wondering who you are.
Thinking of your personality, are we at par?
I’ll still love you even if I find you bizarre

You could be a Kiss like milk chocolate so sweet.
Every little bite would be such a treat.
You could be crazy like a Kiss with nuts.
I wouldn’t mind if you were a bit of a klutz.

I would care for you more if you’re a little dark.
Mildy sweet, but I’ll still make you my matriarch.
Whether you have macadamia or you’re cookies and creme.
You’d still be my most beautiful dream.

But the problem is that I can never relate.
I hate it that I’m so allergic to chocolate.

-Han Silva, for Kim, my chocolate

PS: Happy Birthday Princess


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