Sometimes we make mistakes, we get crazy and numb. We let go those persons that are so important and in the end you are running to put them back. People change, only when its to late you realize that they mean so much to you. Keep blaming yourself that because of you they turn into something you never expect. Now they are the one taking the step to be away from you, And you are hoping that everything will be back into normal, be in a good shape relationship, Do you think its to late? do you think you have a courage to face the reality? or just sit down and turn around and accept the facts that they will never return. This is a big lesson for all of us, think deeply, this time take a bigger step, show the brand new you, work harder for it. You have the time to fight, aslong as you can, do not retreat. Because a man with a courage, is man who never let her feelings down. Keep standing up. Like our great leaders says. “If you can’t run you can walk, if you can’t walk you can crawl, just don’t stop moving forward” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Remember that once a scar always a scar, give time to heal, don’t force them, just be there , that’s what they need most. Don’t give pressure in there minds. If they give you a chance don’t waste it this time. show them the way they deserves to be treated . GET UP AND GO!.




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