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I Love this Family. Treasure you in My Heart Always.

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Waiting for nothing,
No words can express how i feel.
I know there’s got to be something,
But still, I need to find an opening.
Nothing is wrong but something isn’t right,
‘Cuz being close to you gives me a fright.
I wanna know you, I wanna get close to you,
But every time I do, my resources won”t let me to.
They say you’re just a dream,
And I want to make it come true.
But what shouldnI do?
If it’s not easy to get near you.
You’re so approachable in any ways,
You’re so nice in every way.
I don’t know how, I don’t know why,
But I’m hoping this can make you smile.
(But im hoping someday I can call you mine.)
Credit to : Wackeejackee (HeadTurners) love this.
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